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10 things about selling and networking you already know!

I heard Vincent Byrne, speaking about Business Coaching yesterday morning at the Kilmacud Crokes GAA Club Networking group:

  • “Most people know” (the answers)
  • Space to realise, to think, to create rather than being reactive to emails, customer calls
  • Listen, draw out, mentor
  • Hold them to their commitments
  • networking events: did not work for him, but referrals, building relationships do.
    • Look for what it is you want to create, for what would be a great outcome for me
    • not necessarily a sale, maybe an improved relationship
    • what will you do after the meeting to create it
    • Who can I connect with to know more about their business, who they help
    • ultimately we do business one to one
    • you would not come back if you did not like the people
    • look to help
    • show curiosity, interest and a desire to help
    • focus on relationship building outside of the event,
    • not on the giving and getting, (look for nothing for yourself?)
    • Steve Chandler, person to person relationships
  • I’m not good at sales
    • Just be there, interested, curious,
    • how could you put people together
      • know, like, trust
      • pick one person between each meeting and meet them once or twice.
    • not about selling, but finding ways to help.
    • At the side of the pitch, it is about relationships
      • so why, when we put on a suit does it have to be different?
        • keep it real!
  • Where did the customers come from?
    • existing customers, friends, referrals,
      • the kind of customer you work well with
      • understand the boundaries, payment, deliverables, long-standing, sustainable relationships
    • Describe your ideal customer
      • the best you have now
      • look for more of those
    • versus trying to draw in new customers
  • Talk to people about the “techy” stuff you do
    • e.g. graphic design
    • bring it into conversation, have it around, incorporate it
    • the passion, focus on it
      • general v. specific v. what you think you should do.
      • focus on what you are passionate about!
  • Parallels with Sport coaching
    • see the person before they arrive/achieve their potential
    • allow them to get there easily, show them
    • allow them to sense that they can actually do it!
    • Kipp system(?) USA v. Limiting school system
      • raising the bar (of expectation)
      • the right to go to college
    • learning by chunks, small lumps
    • showing what is possible


Vincent Byrne is at  http://businessshouldbeeasy.com/


What I was adding yesterday was the idea that the whole web thing, search engine stuff, social media, is just the window dressing we have always done.


All that Google and Facebook searches are trying to do is help their users find what they are looking for so that they will use them again.

When you are using Google, what are you trying to do?

So if you want people to find you, you have to put the information out there in a way that bot the user and Google, get what they are looking for, your information!


Peter Comerford of Matrix Group told me in 1990 to “Meet the people” and hen I had done that to “meet the People” and the final leg of the sales strategy was…. “Meet the People!”


So go forth and….


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