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The effect of Coaching on my Life in the last ten years

The Bottom Line first:

….if you “GET” me, then we will work together, and if you don’t “GET” me, we will not work together, but I will give you the contact you need to get the job done!  ….   More….

I have had the pleasure of working with three coaches over the last 10 years or so.

First was Michael Comyn, when he was doing a radio show with LiteFM.  He had a guy on from the IMI. So I contacted him to get hold of the guy and he said that was actually his line of work, but he could hardly interview himself! 

Michael helped me realise I was in a darkened room, just had to find the light switch and the door. Well, my interpretation.  One of the things that cropped up was a piece of software he had, brainworks, I think it was, it demonstrated whether you were left or right brain dominant.  Artistic or Mathematical I suppose and to my great relief, I was bang in the middle!  Which explains why sometimes I analyse to death and others I just go, F**k it and act.

What followed, was a plan for me to get out of the corporate world, set up on my own and have a business with a handful of clients.  All was going well, until EGO got in the way and I bought an IT business!  He then made me put a deadline on it, April Fools Day 2003 sounded like a nice round number, bit of a joke.  Low and behold, mid March, all hell breaks loose in the job and by the June Bank Holiday weekend, I was out on my own!

The next coach that came into my life, once again, came in just when I needed it. Coincidence? Of course, if that is what you believe in, others will have their views on it.  I had lost the IT business, fought that fight, begged, stole and borrowed, lived with the support of the State, then my Mother died.  I have always said, I have been blessed with the love of two good women, my wife and my Mother.  I was devastated and it prompted a period of reflection, what did I want, WHY, what was important, where was the passion.

Some members of Kilmacud Crokes GAA club pulled together a new business networking group. I think it was the first or second meeting and I was sitting beside Liz Barron of Realize coaching.  We had a coffee, we met in a formal session, set some tasks, set some deadlines and I was back.  She says it was an expensive cup of coffee, but it gave me back my focus, determination that I was going in the right direction, even if off track.

Last week, the same networking group invited Vincent Byrne in to talk about , well, coaching we thought, but it was so much more than that, networking, selling and again, reinforcing my beliefs, beliefs that were suppressed all those years ago when I was a teenager, when my Father died the week of my 14th birthday, when one brother was a famous Punk Rocker, the other a radio personality, duty called and duty rather than passion prevailed.

Seemed strange, but Vincent offered a “free” two hour coaching session.  Now I believe that there is no such thing as a free lunch! I firmly believe that you should give to get, that there must be a flow, whether it is cash, barter or some trade. But just like Michael Comyn, 10 years a go, when he said “you sound like someone interesting”, Vincent seemed to have no other agenda, other than helping with a thesis.  I can be very interesting for free so off I went again.

As expected, uncomfortable questions were asked.  You get used, when working alone, not to be questioned as you would in a day job, you can walk away! But I am open, and I could see something in it.

Now, at the beginning of September, I had agreed a partnership with two great guys to work in Digital Marketing, a total inbound marketing solution.  But I was finding it uncomfortable and was secretly happy when it fella apart before it began! 

I reframed myself around this offer but the difference being me, my experience, my knowledge and emphasising that this was only one component of a “Selling Solution”!

I feel passionately about helping people and rarely reject a plea for help form a genuine person.  Not going into the case of the Pole here though!  

My preference therefore was to continue with what I had been doing over the last couple of years, helping people I whatever way possible to generate sales, whether this was using social media and SEO strategy, or getting them on the internet, getting them found on the internet or just any aspect of the business that needed to be documented and put into a plan and a strategy.  Being a help! And getting paid for helping people achieve.

If you know me, you would think confidence is not a problem, but I have been doing so much for so long that I am sometimes not sure what I am good at, what people would pay for and what they would pay me!  

Some had said I was undervaluing myself with the Internet Marketing offer I was promoting, and here was Vincent, asking the difficult questions, but then helping me see what others see, what a friend meant when he said “I get so much more from you sitting across the table from me that I get from a social media offering”.

Then he helped me package the offer and all of this in terms I believe in and not corporate bull shit and I think that is what I am going to continue with.  I am not going to focus on the toolbag, I am not going to have a rigid structure, I am not going to do what everyone else does, I am going to be me, if you “GET” me, then we will work together, and Vincent has helped me frame that agreement so it meets both parties’ expectations and budgets!  And if you don’t “GET” me, we will not work together, but I will give you the contact you need to get the job done!  

There is a lot about me above, but then again, it would be!  But the engagement is all about the client and what they are looking for, more sales!  Then again, it is me that you are engaging to help you make it happen for you and your business. 

Now, I am off to generate the offer, the engagement, the tools and then I wil be looking for someone to work with, on a contract basis, because:

I have a Solution that helps you get more Sales!”

Selling Solutions!  




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