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FREE: 5 of the most expensive business lessons I learnt.

When I finally bit the bullet and closed my failing IT business, someone said“Just put it down to an Education received.”
Well, I did 5 years in Kevin Street, I did not get a grant, it cost my Mother a lot to keep me there, but nothing compared to what this episode cost me and others involved too!

Then I looked again, I agree. The lessons I have learnt are amazing.

  1. Know when you are beat:When I heard that story about revenue closing a courier company, I thought, they might be doing the owners a favour. Once you have a cash flow, it hides the fact that you are not making margin. You have e few bob to pay the most pressing bill.
  2. Show me the money: The Banks are not lending to small businesses. And this happened to me. I had an exceptional sales guy. He had a great order book, and you have heard that story before, we could not fund the sales. We had gone from a gross margin of 30% to 50%, but did not matter if we could not buy the stock. What I didn’t know was, that they hadn’t got the money either!
  3. Focus, Cameras, ACTION: I meet so many owner managers, I love them, I love their passion, I like their businesses, I love the fact that they can make decisions on the spot, I love the fact that most win most of the business where they get in front of the “MAN” (Money, Authority, Need). But it drives me mad when I see EnterpriseBoards offering web design training courses. Are they opening a web design business? No, so why give them another distraction? FOCUS!!! What do you do well and why aren’t you doing it?
  4. Time Gentlemen please. Another lesson on this line was from the last days of my last day job as a Sales Manager. I hated reporting and sales meetings with “superiors”. They were always antagonistic, emotional, judgemental. Then Deirdre Kelly came back for Maternity leave. A beautiful woman, she had run CARA Training, she had managed sales teams, she was so relaxed and comfortable, in any environment. And she used to just take a list of prospects. Next week, she would sit down for 5 minutes, what was the progress, up or down and out. We would end up with a simple list and liklihood of the money and when. Brilliant, factual, unemotional. Employees do not realise the importance o being able to predict the flow of business, how do they expect the company to have money in the bank to pay them anyway?
  5. Sales Strategy: My second sales job was with a wonderful bunch of people, the Matrix Group. The Sales Director was Peter Comerford, still plying his trade. Once a quarter, we had a company wide meting and at some stage we all gave an overhead projector presentation. He had three sentences on a slide, uncovering them one by one:
  1. Meet the people: he said, and outlined why. Then uncovered the next one:
  2. Meet the people, he said and gave us another reason, in time for his last step of the sales ladder:
  3. MEET THE PEOPLE!!!! And gave another reason WHY!

I am currently repackaging myself with the aid of VncentByrne.ie from what I have been doing:

Helping people get found on the Internet

and bringing the lessons above and many many more (I really want to tell you about

  • not getting defensive and taking business issues personally, or
  • how to sleep, with a conscience,
  • but more of that in time!!

The repackaging is underway and I am already discussing with some of my friends about me having

A solution to getting you more sales, making you more profit

And I am excited again!


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