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Do you think that you’re an entrepreneur? 17 Signs you might be…

17 signs that you might be an entrepreneur. 1. You can handle pressure and evaluate risk without being blindly optimistic. 2. You’ve done the market research already – idle boasts are not your style. 3. You’ve got the support of your family and friends. 4. You know you cannot do it alone. 5. You are not comfortable in regular employment – you become … Continue reading

The 7 Stages of Website Redesign

I am grateful to the good people of Hubspot.com for these tips and relevant to my customers at present: The 7 Stages of Website Redesign This Website Redesign Checklist will let you essentially function as the PM (Project Manager) for your website’s redesign. The checklist is designed to walk a marketer through a redesign step-by-step … Continue reading

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