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Use of different social networks

Barry O’Gorman of the Kilmacud Crokes Business Networking Group, raised this subject.

This is is something I have helped people with over the last couple of years.
It comes back to basic selling.

Google and Facebook go to extraordinary lengths to replicate your thought process as a consumer: What are you searching for, what do you want to find, how do you rate what you find?

So if you go back to the basics of selling, letting people know that you have a solution to a problem they have (whether they know it or not!), then add in the Peter Comerford adage:

“Meet the people, Meet the people, Meet the People”

Where are they now for you to meet, if you cannot meet them physically…YET?

In Ireland we have Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and anything related to Google. If we were in Malaysia, the situation may be different, so where is your customer?

If we accept people are using Google to look for something, anything, then we have to be present there for them to find us easier: Google+, YouTube, Images, Places, Maps. Blogs are a great place to build credibility for Google rankings and for the public who read your posts.

If we want to involve celebrity or top business people, then Twitter is where we want to be active, it is an incredible way of getting right to the top, but be careful what you are saying, what would interest them in talking to you?

LinkedIn: if you are looking for a career in the corporate world, do everything they say and populate your profile 100% and be active in groups to be seen as expert in your field. You will be found by companies and recruiters. Our group has been terribly quiet though!!!

Facebook. I will show my hand here. You are not supposed to run a business on a page with friends, a profile page in other words, you are supposed to have a business page or the like. And if you have a vicious competitor, they can get you shut down with no court of appeal for the small business! So what I did was convert that page to “Shoana @ The Solicitor” or the like. Because you get access to all the birthdays and personal information of your friends, a lot more information that you get with statistics on your business page, but on that page you put the offers etc and build up credibility. From my experience, people do not like being sold anything on Facebook but they do want competitions, offers access to the company and information.

Not getting activity on a platform is probably normal as we mature in our usage and get older!!! Whatever happened to Bebo, MySpace and others? The Internet moves on.

I love Facebook and I use LinkedIn. YouTube is very handy, I have one customer, selling trucks worldwide. Without advertising the channel, he has 28,000 views in the last year!

In summary, where are you now, where are you trying to get to, what is stopping you?
Where are your customers,
what problem are they having that you could be serving?
What is your typical customer?
What impact have you had on similar customers?

They do not care about you and your business, but they are concerned about where they are trying to get, where they are now, what is stopping them and how can they get past the blocks!

Sorry for going on, but this is what I do, I go on and on and I help people get more sales or get them started in their own business with a utilities webshop!

I do coffee for free and offer a “500 club” of services for €500 a go!

Good luck,


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