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4 Steps to the perfect pitch:

4 Steps to the perfect pitch:

I got some great advice from a guy who has business selling products into retail.

First he will only demo his products to the person who makes the decision and the person who signs the cheques. Do you make your pitch to the monkey or the organ grinder?

Second, we always get the best reception from people who know, like and trust us. But this is the first time they have seen it, do you remember you first time? How Sceptical you were?

They will DOUBT what you are bringing to them. How do we gain trust and eliminate doubt?

First, we cannot give them the demo or the information, as if we are "reading the news", there must be enthusiasm, belief, commitment in your tone, actions, words (senses: see, hear, feel, taste in this case!).

Second, what are the doubts? What is worrying them?:
-(Is it simple, can I do it, is there money in it for me?

What are they?
Identify them, get them out, eliminate them and the follow up question:

Does it only use €3 energy a day? Yes. And then, once it heats, it is only on for 9 minutes an hour, so work out the energy consumption, your cost per unit and then take 9/60th of it multiplied by 24 hours. €3.

Does a pizza only cost me €3 to produce?……

Three, your language (another of the senses, what he hears!): I this case, what image does "frozen Pizza" bring up? Cold, uninviting, yuk! What does, "Restaurant Quality, Gastro Pizza, quality toppings" evoke? Taste buds watering already!

Four: Are you sure you have addressed al their doubts?
Have they said " I want to think about it?"

I appreciate that, but you will also appreciate that this is how I make a living and I don’t want to waste your time (or mine) by
calling back and annoying you on the phone, can I ask what are you still unhappy about?: Even give them a menu of options of selling points you have or may not have covered.

-"Our Pizzas used to go well"-"Do you ever take one home yourself?" God no, the wife hates them, we go to Luigis up the road!

-"I don’t know if I will make money": Could you sell 5 pizzas a week? "How much is that that to you?":

That would give you 20 a month, even if that only made you €200 a month, would that help? Would that be new money to you, if you sold them after the Chef went home, additional margin you don’t have today? Make the worst case.

Is there anything else stopping you from making a decision right now?

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