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Pub Crawl

You cannot imagine my delight in being asked to lead Web summit delegates around my home town.

MEET: D2 Harcourt Street
D|two Nightclub – #websummit #pubcrawlD2 Starts here:

I was a bit disappointed to see the time we have, but with my experience, preparation and some serious drinking, we will meet the schedule!!

STOP PRESS: "… the parties won’t start properly kicking off until about 8, so anytime around then is fine. These parties will go on until late (until at least 11 pm) so there’s plenty of time."

I am not sure if it is supposed to a secret, so I will be coy about where we go!

My plan is to visit where the Irish go, where people of the ilk of the delegates would go if they were Irish.

There will be no plastic paddies, no inflated shamrocks, traditional Irish music is replaced by its contemporary version, you can even avoid Guinness if you want to!

Our time is limited and there is a big party to get to, so I will take care of you and deliver you safe, sound and sober if you want, but I will need your co operation.

I have contacted the Bar Owners/Managers I know, they will be ready for us, so we will get served quickly, courteously and efficiently.

The first venue is one of the best bar/nightclub/venues on the southside of Dublin. It is frequented by major football teams after big games (no, not Coppers!! We are going with a bit of class!).

The second bar we go to specialises in craft beers, they even have their own brands. They also have a range of non alcoholic drinks, teas and coffees.

Irish beer drinkers are not an imaginative bunch and drink Pints (Half Litres) of Guinness and Heineken Products including Carlsberg, Heineken, Budweiser, Smithwicks (Ireland’s only Abbey beer!), Miller. That is why our second place is a must and frequented by young professionals and business owners.

The first two bars planned have a great selection of wines too, but Irish pubs sell small bottles, some of dubious quality. Another favourite is the Vodka and White, Gin and Tonic.

Cocktails are available, but tend to be expensive. Avoid shots at all costs, mainly because the cost is stupid! And because the muck used is total rubbish.

Depending on where you are in the city, budget €5 per drink. Pints vary from €3.85 to craft beers where you could pay up to €6, Wine from €4.50 a glass, Short and a mixer about €6.50.

In the second pub, we will go to one of the upstairs bars and have a private area with a smoking area. The first bar too has a huge smoking area. This place is happy to provide a private area for you if you want to come back another time and they will also server platters if you want to come back after the party (by arrangement if possible).

The weather forecast, unusually for Ireland is Zero chance of rain (yeah right!) and the temperature about 8,9 Celsius, which is a bit chilly.

Dublin is like any other major European City. You have to be careful of your valuables: keep your phone out of sight, try not walk along a main street with the phone to your ear, be aware of pick pockets in crowds. Don’t have your wallet out full of cash, keep some coins in an outer pocket and some small notes in another. There are people begging in Dublin, some of it is organised. People selling the BIg Issues magazine are fine, some homeless, and working for a living and should be supported!

You are going to a safe area of the city, a community area, lots of activity, businesses, students (currently on mid term) and we will be meeting as people head out in the rush hour. The two venues are really nice, safe spaces. We will make a short walk between them and you will see a real working, community street, then about the same distance to the main party area for the evening.

The Irish Police "GARDA" are generally very nice and easy to deal with and accept their role as tour guides!

History? I love it, but sure, as we say around here, never let the facts get in the way of a good story!!! My GrandFather was a Beritish soldier who arrive here after the first world war and stayed, so lots of stories for you there!!!

http://comeheretome.com/ is a great blog on local history.

So much to talk about, so little time, see you tomorrow, 1800, D2, Harcourt (Harcourt stop on the Green Luas Line), walking distance from St. Stephen’s green. Ask for Gary Nolan if you can’t find me!



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