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19 November, 2013 15:05

SEO Reporting: It’s Time We Get Away From Minutia & Focus On What Matters

I got this though an email this morning and thought, here we go again, the language is not focussed on selling, but the idea is so good I thought I would interpret it!

You can’t manage what you can’t measure and this is true for your investment in the techie bits of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO=your busines being found on the internet!).

One: What results you get fomr a Ggle search depends on where you are when you do the search.

Two: There was a Google Keyword tool in addition to adwords, but they have admitted it was based on paid results, advertising I suppose.
They are admitting here in this article that prople providing search engine optimisation work manipulate Google to promote their websites! Whereas, Google believed they had a valid way to rank a website in response to your customers’ query!

Three: 85% of Google revenue is form Adwords, so you might be right to think that these advertiser will be getting preference in your customers’ searches! If it was your business, where would you put your effort?

Four: Google analytics will provide less and less information about the success of your keywords in searches. And the information they will provide is it indicative of the information "Not Provided". Introducing the concept that 50% of my advertising is working but which half?

Five: The credibility and accuracy of Google Webmaster tools has been called into question by someone in the know with Portent Interactive, whoever they are!

"….far too many marketing executives rely on keywords and rankings to determine SEO success when in reality this isn’t measuring the end goal of SEO and what most marketers care most about."

Keywords and rankings hint at where people are looking, but where are they buying?
Traditional marketing has been concerned about Return On Investment. SEO people pointed to clicks, keywords and rankings, but those measurements may not be available or accurate going forward.

"….the ultimate measurement of the effectiveness of SEO is still how much revenue it can generate."

" What are the next steps? John Doherty wrote a great piece the other day on Moz.com about using Google Analytics to map your goals to your marketing funnel.

So it is what I have ben banging on for a while.

  • Don’t focus on the minute detail of search engine optimisation with keywords and rankings and talks of attacks by penguins and pandas.
  • Have a techie boy use the tools available to back up your Sales Strategy (remembering that MARKETING IS A COMPONENT os Sales Strategy),
  • but remember that it is just a part of the how you sell,
  • it helps bring customers to see what you have,
  • it helps build your brand, which is just another way of saying that you are
  • helping people get to know you , like you and trust you!



Taken form the ideas in the following article:

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