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I provide Selling Solutions to help people make money:

Currently the demand is for Social Media help, getting found on the internet and using social media to engage with prospects and clients.  The difference is that we are salespeople and people who have managed businesses, so we think we have a slightly different approach.  We can also provide specific leads through social media.

I coach people into business for themselves either with their own expertise or with an international webshop from an established company. I have noticed since I relaunched the business that I am living to my values and intent, my customers are actually my friends and I am only working on a few projects:

  • I helped a truck dealer get his business on the internet, now that the Irish business has gone, but, where else is buying? How do we get and keep in touch with them?  And this expanded into back office management.  Particularly as his business is based overseas: www.iap-ltd.com
  • I was asked, “How do I get a website?”.   I asked by return, “Why do you want a website?”  and what I id was understand what business the guy was in and what he was trying to do.  Not only did we put together a nice website, but a whole infrastructure with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.   Within the first few days, he was on the first page of Google!  The result has been a change in emphasis of his business and a professional approach to load on the infrastructure and promote him.  He is a an Irish Traditional musician, but with a twist: www.tomclancy.ie
  • I am also helping a friend propose the outsourcing of  her job and an additional area in the company: get her thoughts into a proposal, cost it, enhance the offer (including identifying a gap in the market on the internet!) and finalise the proposal.
  • Cast Iron Gates and Railings from Golden Gates, Period Gates New Zealand and Period Gates in the UK: All around Dublin, we have quality cast iron work, I didn’t realise you could still get them, but you can!
  • Some people really surprise me and I love that: What is a Psychic Consultant and Intuitive Healer? Probably not what you would think. an amazing character, personable, living in the real world, with real world experience, real world advice, yet with access to a different realm. Fergus O’Hanlon.
  • Fergus can also be found through the Holistic Network Ireland site which we are looking at revising at present to speed up the site and increase the impact worldwide!
  • I love Music and one of my favourite bands from my late teens relaunched in 2012.  Delighted with my enthusiasm for their music and surprised how good the material was that I unearthed, I am going to do what I do for them and asked me to Manage them.  I said I could coach!
  • Here is a bit more about me and what I can do for YOU: helping YOU get found on the internet by the customers YOU want, to generate revenue for YOU and YOUR business!
I am loving life and work, I am full time on these projects, but part time on building a recurring revenue with the International Webshop!
Fun, Love & Money!

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