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12 Days of Christmas Social Media

Maybe it is a bit premature, but the good people at Simply Measured have produced a guide for the Social media Manager at Christmas, here is a ten point summary!  Father Ted actor Frank Kelly produced a memorable christmas record about the 12 days of Christmas, this is the sane man’s view!: Benefit from the 12 … Continue reading

19 November, 2013 15:05

SEO Reporting: It’s Time We Get Away From Minutia & Focus On What Matters I got this though an email this morning and thought, here we go again, the language is not focussed on selling, but the idea is so good I thought I would interpret it! You can’t manage what you can’t measure and … Continue reading

Pub Crawl

You cannot imagine my delight in being asked to lead Web summit delegates around my home town. MEET: D2 Harcourt Street D|two Nightclub – #websummit #pubcrawlD2 Starts here: I was a bit disappointed to see the time we have, but with my experience, preparation and some serious drinking, we will meet the schedule!! STOP PRESS: … Continue reading

4 Steps to the perfect pitch:

4 Steps to the perfect pitch: I got some great advice from a guy who has business selling products into retail. First he will only demo his products to the person who makes the decision and the person who signs the cheques. Do you make your pitch to the monkey or the organ grinder? Second, … Continue reading

Use of different social networks

Barry O’Gorman of the Kilmacud Crokes Business Networking Group, raised this subject. This is is something I have helped people with over the last couple of years. It comes back to basic selling. Google and Facebook go to extraordinary lengths to replicate your thought process as a consumer: What are you searching for, what do … Continue reading

The Secret Scrolls – From The Secret Daily Teachings

The Secret Daily Teachings The Secret Scrolls A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne Creator of The Secret From The Secret Daily Teachings Stress, worry, and anxiety simply come from projecting your thoughts into the future and imagining something bad. This is focusing on what you don’t want! If you find that your mind is … Continue reading

Forget job titles – we’re all in sales.

Forget Your Job Title – You’re In Sales by Mind Fit on April 23, 2013 in General, Latest Irish people don’t generally like the ‘hard sell’ approach when doing business. We get a bit sniffy, and say things like, “Oh, that’s very American, but doesn’t go down well here – we prefer a more personal … Continue reading

Why Consultative Selling Doesn’t Work

        When I finally came across this concept, I finally felt I had found the style of selling that suited  me. Now, there is a place for the hard sell, and it is useful for clearing out the undecided or the people you do’t want to work with or sell to!!!  But … Continue reading

It’s easy to hire a social media manager who fails to create leads and sales.

I love Social Media, not necessarily Twitter, but it does have its place. What Daniel and myself bring, is a focus on getting sales, social media is just another aid to getting the sale.   We are all trying to have people “KNOW, LIKE and TRUST” us, and social media really helps build this credibility. We … Continue reading

Do you think that you’re an entrepreneur? 17 Signs you might be…

17 signs that you might be an entrepreneur. 1. You can handle pressure and evaluate risk without being blindly optimistic. 2. You’ve done the market research already – idle boasts are not your style. 3. You’ve got the support of your family and friends. 4. You know you cannot do it alone. 5. You are not comfortable in regular employment – you become … Continue reading

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