Opening a Web Shop

This page will link you to a website, which is about starting a business, without all the trouble, although it is simple, that does not mean it is easy.

The Facebook Business Page contains the information I come across that I feel is relevant to the thought process, the decision making process, the environment of decision making and just how I feel about it and I am passionate about it!

In creating this page and re engineering the existing website, I thought I would look up the complexity of setting up your own business in Ireland, so I could contrast it with what is involved in getting this business started, the Citizen’s Information outlines:

  • Unemployed people: training, market research, business plans, loans to buy equipment.
  • Foreign nationals
  • Legal structures: sole trader, partnership, limited company.
  • Business plan and funding
  • Getting credit: Many small businesses have difficulty getting credit.
  • Tax and PRSI
  • Employment rights and employers’ obligations

Or, would you like a business in a box?

A web shop working across 23 countries, making money off bills people are going to pay anyway?

Location, Location, Location, I need a few customers for my webshop.

How many “corner shops” would you like on the internet?

Talk to me.

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